fearless (and imperfect)

“Being a perfectionist is someone who just really cares what someone else thinks, more than the impact they can create or more than the financial destiny they can change for their family.”
                  James Wedmore – episode #231 Mind Your Business Podcast

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If you have something to share, to offer, to sell… even it if feels really scary… and you think you have to have it perfect… take a few breaths and consider that there’s a way past fear and doubt. 

fb_img_1448252132369-1That’s me in Ventura Beach, CA. (2015) delivering an elevator pitch workshop to 100 Infinite Possibilities trainers from all over the globe.

Before I became a fear-hacker, I took course after course and watched A LOT of webinars and listened to hours of podcasts on business, marketing and launching. I don’t regret any of that time or training.

But what I know now is that fear kept me from taking the great stuff I was learning and putting it into action.  Fear is freezing agent, a procrastination potion, a self-doubt diet and an unending analyzer.

So what I learned from amazing teachers and successful entrepreneurs, didn’t get me into focused action like it could have.  It gave me a safe “busy-ness” to keep me from going fearlessly into my business.

Before Fear Hackers Academy, some of my top fears or blocks were:

  1. But what I do is hard to explain and nobody’s going to see the value

  2. I’ve got to be 100% sure, 100% qualified and 100% perfect if I’m going to launch

  3. I’m scared to go after my ideal client because I might not get enough of them

  4. If I get too niched, I’ll feel trapped and/or I’ll make others feel rejected

  5. What if I screw up and ruin my reputation for good… I better learn more, get “more sure”

  6. There’s so much to do and all my mentors have big teams – I’m overwhelmed

There are so many great business systems you can learn from… go ahead.  I have.  I recommend them all the time. 

Here you’ll get the coached and cleared of the fears, blocks, phobias, limiting beliefs and encoded thought patterns that affect your ability to learn, create and show up… even with the best coaching and training available.

I make it feel easy, safe and clear to follow what Marie says in B School and I offer freebies to get you started on your ‘about me’ page as Jenna suggests in her Goal Digger podcast

These teachers are amazing… and so many of my clients have paid for all of the programs… and still haven’t launched.



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