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fall-headshot-angieI’m Angie.
Welcome to the Fear Hackers Academy.

Confession time

I want to start right off confessing something to you:  I don’t have a perfect life, flawless habits and I’m not always sure of my next move in business (or life) is going to be “right”.  And until about a year ago, I used to let that stall me or stop me.

Can you relate?

I used to be afraid of looking like a fool or like an amateur or worse… like a slimy salesman.


So when anyone asked me what I did or contacted me about my work, I kinda froze.  I would fumble around trying to explain all the “things” I could do and then without even really understanding how I could help, I’d offer a huge discount.

I really sucked at getting clients… even with the referrals coming my way.  Needless to say, I was struggling to grow my business … not because I wasn’t good at helping others but because I was afraid to grow myself.

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The fix

Everything now I teach, coach and help to heal for clients inside of Fear Hackers Academy comes from years of professional coach training and resolving traumas and fears in clients AND from creating easy business mindset hacks.

We can all overcome the unique challenges of being an entrepreneur and get past our fears.  We have fun stuff to do like personal branding,getting visible, helping our clients and sharing what we’ve created.

The fix for overcoming that I use tools are:  Havening Techniques®, coaching questions, powerful mindset exercises and fear-hacking.

The possibilities

I’m here to tell you that the business you want to create, the message you want to share and the real you are needed in this world.

Even if the “how” feels scary and confusing to you right now, please know that you’re worth it and you really do have something to offer.

Do you really think you’d have these ideas, passions and drive if it wasn’t possible or important?

So who am I, anyway? 

I’m a certified professional coach and Havening Techniques® practitioner with a background in community economic development, copywriting and process development.

To be really honest, I was a unsuccessful at making coaching my business for years so I took on work helping others to build processes and content to grow and scale their businesses and programs.

It worked.

I could help my clients “see” the possibilities that fear was blinding them to and I could see all the ways that they could meet the needs of their clients.

I also had powerful techniques to help them become the confident business person they needed to be.

After way too long of watching them succeed, I had the brilliant idea of  doing what I was helping them to do in my own business (what a clever thought!).

Why trauma work?

I had already bought my flight and paid the registration before I had even googled this cutting edge neuroscience called Havening Techniques®.

Well, 350 + clients later, group after group, fear after fear, I’ve seen radical healing and changes in people’s responses and emotions around their old pain, fear, phobias, traumas, anxiety and depression.

It’s been a humbling and AWESOME to facilitate the literal rewiring of people’s brains and to see how they show up once they have relief from years of limitation and suffering.

In case it’s not obvious: Yes!!! I love my work.


But what about entrepreneurs?

The same encoded lessons, “rules”, fears and responses that hurt and limit trauma survivors are at play in the subconscious minds of entrepreneurs.

Taking risks, sticking your neck out, “betting on yourself” and being vulnerable and visible are UNDESIRABLE to your inner caveman.

We feel safer (in the primal way) when we stay small, quiet, invisible and consistent… what it takes to make a difference and make money in business goes against our primal survival instincts… but those are outdated… like, by thousands of years and they can be overridden.

So just as I can help a traumatized victim rewire their threat/trigger responses and heal their emotions, I can rewire the automatic self-limiting and self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs held by entrepreneurs.

It seems unbelievable… but our minds are so dang powerful and malleable… let’s use their full potential.

Check out my free stuff (link) to see for yourself.


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